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Laura Csajagi is a romantic illustrator, very influenced by tales and legends. She loves creating poetic and colorful surroundings.

Previous work:

Among others, she has made Illustrations and texts for her own illustrated books (ADA editions), and books from authors like John Grisham, Maxime chattam, Robin Hobb, Oksa Pollock...
Some cards for the Star Wars board game (©Lucasfilm); She has also worked with publishers like Fantasy Flight Games, Albin Michel, Hachette, Xo, Ballistic Publishing... And also made llustrations for video games companies and for advertising campaigns of brands like Dior,Louis Vuitton, Ogilvy, Nike, Mac Donalds, Nespresso...

She has participated in various exhibitions and have also worked as an art teacher.

Area of expertise:


- Illustration                                - Concept Art                        - Rough

- Photomanipulation                 - Teaching                             - Storyboard


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